Sussex Metal Recycling | A Full Range of Services from Your Scrap Metal Merchant in Burgess Hill

Stop selling your scrap for less and always get the best possible price by choosing Sussex Metal Recycling as your trusted scrap metal merchant in Burgess Hill. We promise to beat or match any other price in our local area. Cash in on the value of your scrap metal with a reliable, friendly business serving the entire West Sussex area.

Our Services

Below, we’ve looked to provide further detail of the services we provide clients in Burgess Hill, Lewes, Haywards Heath and Hassocks. Have a question regarding any of the information on this page? Pick up the phone and call your local scrap metal merchant on 01444 300 123.

Scrap Metal Recycling – As a fully equipped scrap yard, we buy any and all quantities of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. We use digitised systems to weigh your consignment accurately, to a pinpoint decimal value. Similar technology allows us to identify and grade metals, ensuring you get every penny you’re owed. Should you be unable to bring scrap metal to us, perhaps due to the size or weight of the consignment, we can collect it with one of our 3.5 tonne HIAB trucks.

Unsure of potential sources of sellable scrap metal? Keep an eye out for the following…

  • Copper – Electrical wiring, electrical components and piping.
  • Brass – Furniture, fixtures, door handles, keys, plumbing infrastructure.
  • Aluminium – Cans, car parts, doors, siding, gutters and windows.
  • Lead – Piping, weights, anodes, residues, sheaths from telephone/power cable.
  • Steel – Cars, chairs, shelves, household appliances and construction materials.
  • Stainless Steel – Kitchen equipment and cutlery, building materials, fixtures.
  • Iron – Pipes, heaters, barbeques and tools.

Site & Factory Clearances – Sussex Metal Recycling serves commercial and industrial clients from sole traders working on residential developments, through to mammoth factories from Burgess Hill to Lewes, Haywards Heath to Hassocks, providing full site clearance services.

We’ll rid you of any and all salvageable scrap metal, ensuring it’s recycled and that you get justly paid for it. The aforementioned, heavy-duty lorries mean we can quickly handle these jobs, leaving you with a tidy site that can resume its function or move onto the next phase of development.

Scrap Car Collection – Has an ailing vehicle broken down by the side of a Burgess Hill or Lewes road? Or perhaps you’re in Haywards Heath or Hassocks and want to get rid of a car in your garage, that’s simply too old to sell for a decent sum? Call our scrap yard to arrange scrap car collection. We’ll be with you at your earliest convenience to take it off your hands, paying you a fair and transparent sum while also taking care of all the required DVLA paperwork.

PVS Singles Purchase – Designed for use in residential and certain industrial premises, PVS single-insulated wiring is suitable for both dry and damp premises. They can be installed in conduit, cable trunking and in cable ducting. We purchase them for scrap, should you come into possession of a certain amount you no longer require.

Daily Bin Exchanges – Visit our scrap yard any day of the week and make use of our daily bin exchange service.

Our Burgess Hill scrap yard, approved by the Environment Agency, is licensed to carry and deal in waste metal products. We are a responsible local business that recycles as much scrap metal as possible. By reintroducing waste metal into the production system, we reduce the amount of product sent to landfill sites in West Sussex locales like Haywards Heath, Lewes and Hassocks.

Have a question regarding any of our services? Call Sussex Metal Recycling, the Burgess Hill area’s favoured scrap yard and scrap metal merchant, on 01444 300 123.