Scrap Yard in Crawley | Meet the Friendly Scrap Metal Merchants Located in Hassocks

Sussex Metal Recycling is the friendly face of local and regional metal waste management. We operate from our own scrap yard in Hassocks where we offer the warmest of welcomes to all customers, old and new, from the nearby Crawley area. We understand that a scrap yard can feel intimidating to those who have never used us before. Having spent our entire working lives trading as scrap metal merchants, we assure you that there is nothing to fear.

Instead, what we will give you is the most professional level of care and a range of scrap metal recycling services which can help save the planet.

By learning more about scrap metal merchants, and by visiting a scrap yard to see what the operatives do, you will have a better understanding of how important our role is to the environment and to the economy. While we may sometimes look a little rough around the edges, even by our own admission, we assure you that we have hearts of gold to match our passion for steel!

Let’s show you how easy it is for visitors from Crawley to use our scrap yard:

  1. Start collecting scrap metal waste derived at your home or place of work. If you run a business, start a scrap metal recycling program. You can have bins positioned onsite which we can collect from Crawley when you fill them.
  2. Take the time to sort your metals. Our scrap yard accepts ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and these have different purities and values. Ferrous metal is magnetic, and you can recognise metal types by their colour and sound.
  3. Find a scrap metal merchant you can trust. The best scrap yards in Crawley have the required certification in place, employ helpful staff, and will have testimonials from customers and clients who have used them in the past.
  4. If you plan to bring your metals to our scrap yard in person, make your way to our designated drop-off area and unload onto our calibrated scales. We can help if you need us to, and we pay you for scrap metal loads by weight.
  5. Getting paid by your scrap metal merchant is simple although scrap yards in Crawley, and those across the UK, no longer pay in cash. Instead, we’ll pay the money directly into your account or issue you with a pre-paid debit card.

As you can see, dealing with a scrap metal merchant is much easier than it might first appear. Sussex Metal Recycling is a friendlier scrap yard than most, so you will always be treated well and paid fairly for your consignments. If you choose to travel from Crawley to our facility in Hassocks, everything is signed clearly so that you don’t put yourself, or others, into dangerous situations.

By choosing Sussex Metal Recycling, and by making a conscientious effort to recycle scrap metal, you help to decrease the demand for newly mined materials and landfill space. You also reduce energy consumption because it is far more efficient to recycle metal than it is to produce it for the first time.

What better way can you think of to help protect the planet than visiting our scrap yard and connecting with our dependable scrap metal merchants?

Our scrap metal merchants welcome customers and clients from the Crawley area. Call us on 01444 300 123 or come meet us at our scrap yard in Hassocks.