Make Money from Unwanted Items With Our Scrap Metal Merchant in Haywards Heath

Welcome to the Sussex Metal Recycling FAQ. This particular set of questions have been collated from Haywards Heath clients, who visit our scrap yard in nearby Burgess Hill looking for quality customer service, and generous prices on everything from copper to stainless steel. Have a different question that’s not featured on this page? Don’t hesitate to call a SMR scrap metal merchant on 01444 300 123. Alternatively, browse our website and see our services explained in further detail.

Sussex Metal Recycling – Haywards Heath FAQ

What types of scrap metal do you purchase?

Our scrap metal merchants accept the following types from Haywards Heath clients: copper, brass, steel, stainless steel and copper. In short, all non-ferrous metals.

How do you figure out how much they’re worth?

We have top of the line technology, as well as a team with many years of experience in the industry, who both grade and weigh the metal. These figures are compared against a constantly updated database which tells us the current market value of the scrap metal in question, which we use to come up with a figure.

Can you pay cash?

No. Haywards Heath clients will need to accept payment via cheque or bank transfer, due to the government regulations forbidding cash payment for scrap metal. We aren’t unique here, all scrap yards have to follow these rules.

Is there a minimum amount of scrap metal I need to bring in to your scrap yard?

We’re happy to take anything from singular, domestic items such as white goods and furniture, through to a multitude of vehicles; we have the facilities required to store and process vast quantities of scrap metal. Haywards Heath clients in need of commercial or industrial site clearances should also contact us at their earliest convenience.

Do you offer a collection service?

We do. Both for vehicles and via the aforementioned site clearances.

How do you transport scrap metal from sites to your scrap yard?

We have 3.5 tonne HIAB lorries that can make short work of even the biggest jobs.

What’s your environmental policy?

Our scrap metal merchants are licensed waste carriers approved by the Environmental Agency. As such, we look to minimise all waste that heads to landfill around Haywards Heath and its surrounds, while maximising the amount that finds a new life via recycling.

Looking to sell scrap metal in the Lewes area? Pick up the phone and call the seasoned scrap metal merchants at Sussex Metal Recycling on 01444 300 123.