A Team of Trusted Scrap Metal Merchants in Lewes

Are you searching for a reputable scrap yard near Lewes, known for paying out the best going rates for your scrap metal? You’ve found one! The veteran scrap metal merchants at Sussex Metal Recycling buys scrap all quantities from homeowners, companies and industrial sites.

If you’re new to the idea of recycling your metal, then read on… this page details five convincing reasons why doing so is a great idea, covering everything from the environmental angle, to the contribution it can make to your personal finances. Have a query? Feel free to cut right to the chase by calling us on 01444 300 123. A friendly member of our team will be on hand to help out!

5 Reasons to Recycle Your Scrap Metal

Emissions – It seems like every week we’re hearing about the dire effects of global warning upon our ecosystem; one of the biggest culprits is excess carbon emissions, which governments and corporations have failed to effectively curb. One way you, whether an individual or as a representative of a company, can help is by recycling your scrap metal at our scrap yard near Lewes. Processing raw ores requires a ton of energy, which leads to an abundance of emissions. Recycling, on the other hand, requires a lot less.

Natural Resources – Building on from the previous point, there are finite natural resources that we’re very much in danger of exhausting during many of our lifetime’s. By recycling scrap metal, less of these resources need to be mined, meaning Lewes clients are helping sustainability efforts when making use of our scrap metal merchants.

It Can Save Consumers Money – As using recycled scrap metal is a cheaper tactic for manufacturers than mining and processing ore, mass scale scrap metal recycling can mean an influx of cheaper metal goods on the market, due to less socially necessary labour being required in the production process. And we could all do with saving a few quid!

You Can Earn a Tidy Sum – Depending on the type of scrap metal you have to recycle – e.g copper, brass and silver are all worth a lot compared with aluminium – you can earn a decent amount of money when selling your metal to our scrap metal merchants. We grade and weigh the metal, ensuring you get paid everything you’re owed and not a penny less. Some of our Lewes clients put this money away in a holiday or pension pot, others like to spend it right away; how you use it is all down to you.

Free up Space – Especially with the state of the property market these days, ensuring that garages, lofts and gardens aren’t cramped with scrap metal is a great idea. That space can be used for so many different things – from extensions to conversions or value adding makeovers. Ditch the scrap metal and use the money you earn to fund projects you’ll enjoy on a day-to-day basis.

Looking to sell scrap metal in the Lewes area? Pick up the phone and call the seasoned scrap metal merchants at Sussex Metal Recycling on 01444 300 123.