Paying Top Dollar for Your Scrap Metal – Local Scrap Metal Merchants in Hassocks

New to selling scrap metal? Don’t fret. The seasoned scrap metal merchants at Sussex Metal Recycling, just a short drive from Hassocks in nearby Burgess Hill, ensure that clients of all experience-levels feel welcome and well looked after when visiting our scrap yard. We’ll ensure you’re aware of all the legal requirements and governing legislation, as well as how we grade, weigh and process scrap metal to ensure you receive a fair pay out.

Below, for both new and repeat clients alike, we’ve run through a few “scrap metal dos and don’ts”. While it’s certainly not required reading, we hope it will help those curious about how the whole thing works feel more confident. Should you have a question for our scrap metal merchants, we urge you to call us on 01444 300 123.

The Dos and Don’ts of Scrap Metal Recycling.

Do separate your scrap metal. It will reduce the amount of time you spend at our scrap yard, as large quantities of mixed up scrap metal can take a while to separate, grade, weigh and process. It’s not mandatory, but certainly preferred; but if you lack the time, don’t worry as our scrap metal merchants are happy to help Hassocks clients who haven’t been able to, or are concerned about improperly separating metals.

Don’t be afraid to speak with the pros. Part of the complete service our scrap metal merchants bring to the Hassocks areas is the provision of expert advice. We’ll be able to help you ascertain the type of scrap metal you have, and what it might be worth, so you can be fully informed before you visit our scrap yard. We’re happy to answer any queries relating to scrap metal over the phone. Just call us on 01444 300 123. If you’d rather speak with us in person, that’s fine too!

Do take time to identify your scrap metal. Building on from the last point, there are many guides online, as well as YouTube videos, that run over sought after scrap metal and what typically won’t be accepted by scrap yards like our own near Hassocks. You wouldn’t want to make the trip to our scrap metal merchants only to find out you have unwanted scrap metal!

Don’t opt for a disreputable scrap yard. Choose scrap metal merchants with a proven track record, like our own near Hassocks. An unproven or poorly reviewed scrap yard may rip you off by either using modified scales or grading equipment which undervalues your scrap, or use similar unscrupulous tactics to pay under the going rate for your scrap metal. Beware scrap yards that offer cash in hand, as this is against government rules and a huge red flag.

Do remember the rules. You are legally obliged to provide identification and proof of address, and we are not allowed to pay out in cash; cheque or bank transfer are allowed, however. This is to prevent scrap yards and scrap metal merchants from accepting stolen scrap metal that cannot be traced, in an attempt to cut down on unscrupulous trading and the crime once heavily associated with the sale and purchase of scrap metal.

If you’re in Hassocks and are looking to get top dollar for your scrap metal, pick up the phone and call Sussex Metal Sussex on 01444 300 123.