Scrap Metal Merchant in Brighton | How do Scrap Yards Benefit the Economy and the Environment?

Scrap metal recycling is pivotal to the conservation of natural resources, and to the reduction of energy consumption to bring down pollution to a more sustainable level. Scrap yards can also offer socioeconomic dividends which benefit the places we live, our stability as a nation and the long-term future of the planet. Who would have guessed that a scrap metal merchant could be playing the role of a global superhero in this crazy world that we live in?

Sussex Metal Recycling has a scrap yard in Hassocks where we extend warm welcomes to customers and clients from the nearby Brighton area.

Naturally, the conservation of the resources we have left on the planet is one of the biggest benefits to recycling scrap metal. It costs more to produce new metal than it does to recycle old metal, and mining for materials like copper ore leads to mass deforestation, the loss of habitats and the pollution of water sources for wildlife. Use a scrap metal merchant, and you pay your own part in minimising the demand for new mining and metal production.

Brighton has become something of a haven for globally conscious people who care for the planet over more recent years and, through using our scrap yard, they help to reduce landfill use and the need for new landfill sites.

Together, Sussex Metal Recycling and its customers are changing the world!

Scrap metal recycling is making a difference to energy consumption already, but we know that we have a long way to go. Scrap yards reduce human dependency for fossil fuels and lower greenhouse gas emissions. Recycling aluminium uses just 5% of the energy that new aluminium demands. In the case of steel, recycling reduces energy consumption by more than 74%

We think we’re being very realistic when we say that scrap metal merchants are doing more than their fair share of hard work to help save the planet.

The Socioeconomic Benefits of Scrap Metal Recycling

At Sussex Metal Recycling, we have already seen how the repurposing of scrap metal creates more jobs, and generates more income, for people in the Brighton area and those across the world. Scrap yards are amongst the most significant contributors to the UK economy and, collectively, they can generate billions of pounds of revenue every single year. Our sector is a growth market too, so we are actively helping to put people back into work.

Scrap metal merchants can recycle metals many times over.

We see metal used in the mass production of cars and appliances daily and, unlike paper, the fact we can recycle scrap metal multiple times means we are actively slowing down landfill use in the Brighton area already.

Another thing to consider is our national security. The UK has depended on the supply of metals from overseas sources for a long time. This leads to more transportation of material which, in turn, increases the release of emissions into the atmosphere. Because scrap metal merchants in the UK recycle more than 90% of the materials they collect, they further reduce the demand for overseas importation and, as a result, the pollution that transportation causes.

We are proud to be scrap metal merchants, and we are equally proud of anybody in Brighton who has used our scrap yard in the past. If the future of our planet matters to you, Sussex Metal Recycling would be delighted to welcome you to our company and to recycle your scrap metal for you.

Together, we can make the world a better place for our next generations, so please contact us at a convenient time to learn more about our company.

Our scrap metal merchants welcome customers and clients from the Brighton area. Call us on 01444 300 123 or come meet us at our scrap yard in Hassocks.