Your Trusted, Local Scrap Yard in Burgess Hill

Sussex Metal Recycling proudly serve as the Burgess Hill’s local scrap metal merchants, with a fully operational scrap yard right on your doorstep. We buy all quantities and types of scrap metal, from domestic, as well as commercial and industrial clients. On this page, we’ve looked to run through some of the more profitable types of scrap metal, so that you are better equipped to keep an eye out for it and hopefully make a tidy sum. It’s certainly not exhaustive, and doesn’t include the more “cheap and cheerful” types of metal we receive such as iron, steel and aluminium.

So whatever it is you have, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01444 300 123. We use fair and accurate grading systems, complemented by top of the line weighing technology. The two working in tandem ensure you get paid every single penny that you deserve – and not a penny less.

3 of the Most Valuable Scrap Metals

Copper – A common and valuable scrap metal, there are plenty of sources of copper you might come across. Electrical wiring and components are frequently made of the stuff, meaning that if you have old and unwanted white goods or similar appliances, it’s worth investigating (safely) to figure out if you have some copper to sell to our scrap metal merchants in Burgess Hill.

Brass – Often used for decorative features of furniture, scrap yards like our own also receive a lot of brass via old car radiators, light fixtures, door knockers and bells, and similar “antique”-look household items. While shooting isn’t exactly the most popular hobby in Burgess Hill, should you be one of the few faithful, then consider scrapping your shell casings – it’s better than simply getting rid of them, both environmentally and financially.

Silver – Surprise, surprise! Well, not really… We all know that silver is worth its weight in, um, silver? While scrap yards and scrap metal merchants might not be your first port of call for silver jewellery and finery, with Burgess Hill dealers/jewellers being seen a better suited location, there are situations in which you have silver for sale that’s not quite the kind of thing they’re interested in.

Should this be your case, we urge you to pay Sussex Metal Recycling a visit in Burgess Hill. We buy anything from silver quarters and dimes, should you be a currency collector or otherwise have come into possession of some, as well as the aforementioned jewellery and silverware. Many clients are surprised that we often pay out rates superior to dealers/jewellers.

Have scrap metal sitting around? Bring it to Sussex Metal Recycling, the top choice amongst scrap yards in Burgess Hill and the wider Sussex area. Call us today on 01444 300 123.